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Atlas Instrument Manufacturing (Dalian) Co., Ltd. of Japan to move into a complete atlas of China piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and registered in Dalian Bonded Zone Investment instrument manufacturers. atlas Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd., now has nearly a hundred years of history, the piano manufacturing industry in Japan one of the four manufacturers, the quality of its pianos received the highest rating in Japan. Also in the world of great renown.


The benefits of playing the piano

Playing the piano, whether for the elderly or children, play a role is absolutely huge, the fingers of both hands frequent activity in the brain is more active, hands coordination and cooperation (as well as with foot pedal) to the left and right brain function have been developed at the same time, the body The better part of the collaboration.

How to choose the piano!

How to choose the piano Many piano manufacturers and numerous piano brands when you are in the market point of view, you will be confused about what to choose what kind of piano is good? Purchase of common sense to you to make a few brief: You first need to understand before .

Piano maintenance tips

Piano maintenance tips