Piano maintenance tips

 Add date: 2014-09-21 

A1: average piano, model is larger (larger size), piano course, the better, but the choice of the piano better than the piano. 1. Meet the individual needs of music; Gan for beginners need constantly repeated to diligent practice basic fingering and primary skills, upright piano (UP) will be enough to use. If the extent of the Czerny more than 30. Piano teacher or music department (including the piano, composer, vocal music, education department), you should use the platform type piano (GP) can better play the learning potential and fully express the more delicate music.

2. Consider the use of occasions, because the size of the space directly affect the sound of the piano effect, prepare placed piano is a living room  The independent Kotofusa or living room  Advance must be taken into account.

3 listen to the tone, treble is crisp and bright, soft, clear midrange, and low ranges to be vigorous and full, to be consistent from treble to bass tone smooth and natural.

. Feeling touch keys, such as a homonym with bombs and tries feel sensitive and smooth, and efforts to change strongest fff to weakest ppp contrast to strongly. Considering climate, Taiwan belongs to the humid subtropical island climate, piano wooden piano great influence. Piano factory before it is necessary for Taiwan's humid climate processing of multiple moistureproof, in order to extend the piano life. Therefore, when you buy the piano, you must confirm in advance the piano do special processing.

Q2. Platform type piano why better than upright piano

1. Touch key differences to the reaction of the homophonic with bombs, platform type piano per second fastest only 5-7 times, some faster tunes on much the limit for the upright piano.

2. Treble balance, castanets designed different platform type piano treble sound structured interaction quince interference, upright piano is the second largest bass in the sound, the midrange and treble minimum each treble balance, obviously not as good as platform type the piano. Pedal mechanism different combat system (Action) constructor. GP left of the soft pedal can produce significant changes in tone and volume without changing the touch, but UP pedal can only fight to change the chord distance to reduce the volume of a single effect but touch affected. Therefore, in the expression of the music tension, there are significant differences between the two.

3.GP asked to be transferred due to the request of the individual, the lawyer in a certain range to change the touch key to conform to their own music performance sound; while UP can change in this regard is very limited.

4 In addition, in terms of sound conduction GP most directly by the ring board side spread the UP is reflected from behind by the castanets. Both sound resonance, for performers and listeners can feel noticeably different.

Q3: How to Overcome the volume and the effect of platform type playing piano in a small space

A3: the platform section steel Cincin cover support design, large space platforms piano lid open heterozygosity, sounds can effectively communicated; heterozygosity small piano lid open platform of the small space, the sounds are purely out without moderate volume. This design is very suitable for the pattern of modern apartments, if coupled with good sound insulation and absorption equipment, neither interference can be to the best acoustics.

Q4: the severity of the keyboard, would not affect the touch sensitivity and fluency

A4: Yes. For most people, the piano as practice, and thus hope to be able to play touch heavier the piano keys, and to avoid other piano, unable to adapt to. But the severity of the touch keys, not decided elements of piano nondefective, touch-sensitive, can accurately reflect the levels of intensity and timbre changes, is the excellent piano elements. Lighter touch keys, while at the same time to achieve the above-mentioned requirements, people better enjoy the fun of playing the piano, increase practice time and effect. Moreover, the current trend of the sector of the world on the piano tendency lighter touch sensitive keys, due to the differences in our body type and Westerners, a lighter touch keys should be more suitable for our use. Platform-based piano performance with the idea of playing by the severity, can be changed in accordance with the requirements of individuals, and the degree of severity of the touch keys (assist by adjusting lawyer), you no longer have "Inadequate" defect.