The benefits of playing the piano

 Add date: 2014-10-10 

Playing the piano, whether for the elderly or children, play a role is absolutely huge, the fingers of both hands frequent activity in the brain is more active, hands coordination and cooperation (as well as with foot pedal) to the left and right brain function have been developed at the same time, the body The better part of the collaboration. But also of self-cultivation, improve the quality and character cultivation, spice intense study, work to ease the stress in your life, and so on. Doctors, the elderly learning a musical instrument can exercise hands and brain, good for anti-aging, need hands to play the piano, eyes, ears, feet, brain and use, also play a role in the prevention of Alzheimer's.

    Older people can learn a little instrument, can spare time to do some fine movements of the hand, such as Xiuhua, weaving, are a good way to exercise the brain.

    Playing the piano is a good activity, physical and mental health of the elderly are a great benefit.

First of all, playing the piano and character cultivation, makes the mind more open-minded. Concentrate on practicing, playing up to the realm of of "fugue world, two things I forgot", very helpful for the elderly self-cultivation. Secondly, playing the piano is a good way to exercise thinking. Piano works is the most complex of all scores, analysis and understanding of these tunes, music theory, knowledge of harmony, polyphony knowledge, but also have a strong memory capacity and reasoning ability, analytical ability, logical judgment. The piano can help the elderly to develop intelligence, the elderly away from Alzheimer's in the United States nurtured.

In addition to mental exercise, play the piano but also play the role of physical exercise. Because it requires hands, eyes, feet, ears, brain and use.

The movement of the hand, for example, play the piano, hands should not only vertical movement (down strike keys), but also the horizontal movement (hand quickly move to the next key above); both hands touch keys at the same time, but his hands were touch keys; necessary to bomb a two tone, but also at the same time four or five bombs tone. Moreover, with the error between the hands can not be more than a few tenths of a second. Studies have shown that long-term, systematic, comprehensive piano training, will make people's heart, limbs, brain and other major organs kept at a reasonable, healthy, balanced state, so as to achieve self-cultivation, the role of the longevity.

In addition, the elderly piano process with fellow exchange, mutual learning, mutual contact between the invisible and make a group of fixed piano friend, their life will no longer be lonely, monotonous.

However, to remind older friends, both piano playing chess, or draw and write, have to pay attention to a degree, must be in accordance with the laws of life of older persons.

Many elderly people to participate in the Piano Exam, want to try exactly what level, but in fact, the Piano Exam or the game is not suitable for the elderly. Because of the type of athletic activity makes older people feel nervous, rapid heart beat, and this is very detrimental to the health of the elderly. The elderly should pay attention to the calm, self-cultivation, not feisty.

    Moreover, the continuing activities for the elderly should not be too long, and the pace of life is calm and soothing. Piano to relax, but if the time is too long, too much, also physically up to less than the purpose of the physical and mental exercise.

    Well, the children learn to play the piano exactly what good is it

    First, children learn to play the piano, and also by playing steel piano learning and understanding of musical culture, music art infection and nurtured. Generally accepted early music education to blind children learn to play the piano, and learning to play other instruments, the learning successfully implemented and sustained, can get the following benefits:

    Enrich the spiritual life of children. It should be noted that, music art and the nature of the child is the most fit, but also the young generation of the most widely loved and willing to accept the disciplines of the arts. The study showed that the 5-year-old children can do very intently listening to the music for them to accept, and can generally tell the different nature of the song (sad, joyful, majestic, etc.). Young children learn to play the piano, is equal to open a new heaven and earth, combined with the study of the children's interest in music.

    2, the opening and development of children's intelligence, good edify the children's minds. Children learn to play the piano, to contact and view a large number of excellent piano music works, can not only make the children through a long period of training and nurturing of musical works, rich in emotion, mood cheerful personality tend to peace and stability, and excellent psychological quality of children the formation of a significant impact. Many of the characteristics of the art of music, the rhythm of the sound movement sense, relatively uniform sense, sense of balance, a sense of moderation and patterns of life are encouraged kids may be in the long term, he argued, orderly behavior, motor coordination, quick reaction. Numerous examples prove that the children learn to play the piano from an early age, enrolled in the ability to understand and accept the ability, imagination and creative thinking ability, are significantly higher than the average child. It should be said that, in large part thanks to good early art education.

    3, the expansion of the field of children's knowledge. The art of music is one of the great achievements of human culture to create one of the important areas of the world of modern culture. The children learn to play the piano, regardless of the instrument itself, the music constitutes various elements of the musical score, the world-famous musicians and their works are in the learning process gradually have in-depth understanding, which greatly expand the field of children's knowledge.

Second, learn to play the piano itself, has some excellent long to listen than to learn other instruments. Roughly speaking, they are as follows:

    1, children learn to play the piano, can be said to the children directly into the music hall staircase Air. The superior performance of the modern piano, the best conditions for the development of children's music to innate endowment of children in particular, are often significant and comprehensive development by playing the piano. Countless famous musicians in the world, especially members of pianist, composer, conductor and theorist, almost without exception, have at an early age to start learning to play the piano and has a good piano playing skills. A piano is a large law instrument, its broad range almost covers the use of all music tone. From it on the keyboard, you can visually and vividly relationship with temperament in music; insist on playing the piano from an early age, the monasteries, often develop a very stable and precise the pitch concepts (including absolute pitch and relative pitch), music auditory been highly developed, this is not from the other non-law of musical instruments. Modern piano sound intensity amplitude sensitive conversion. The children learn to play the piano can develop strong efforts pressed manufacturing capacity. Modern piano's law of equal temperament, you can easily convert any tonality, which children are familiar with a variety of tonality, develop tone attitudes are also very beneficial. The modern piano is a suitable playing various styles of acoustic music instrument, regardless of playing polyphonic harmonies are very convenient, which is most of the instruments can not match.

    2, children learn to play the piano, often have fingers independently sensitive activities, left and right can be balanced, highly independent training for ordinary habits focus on the use of the right arm and right hand (or vice versa), it is clear that can be corrected drawbacks the right and left hemispheres of the brain function of equal access to development and enhance mutual coordination relationship.

    3, the piano in the two or three hundred years of development history, has accumulated a lot of valuable literature, famous composer in the world, almost all creative piano works. The children learn to play the piano can be a treasure trove of piano literature to understand the world in different periods and genres of music works its style. The piano in their own development, the formation of a variety of teaching system and teaching materials, cultivating a new generation of music people have accumulated a wealth of teaching methods and experience.

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